As featured at the North and South Wales Boat Shows!

If you want to make your play area stand out from the rest, what could be more exciting than a pirate ship?

Extremely popular with all the children, these pirate ships feature:

With prices starting from only £2000, order your pirate ship today!

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The dimensions of the pirate ships we have built to date are around 20Ft by 7Ft by 5Ft but we can make bigger or smaller if required, They can be either built from 18mm Marine Ply complying to BS1088 or a new Stock board type product that is made from recycled Plastic products here in the UK.

This means that they donít need to be re-Stained or painted in the future, the plastic is UV protected too and comes in Black. There is a small charge for this product but we feel its well worth the extra investment.

Another great advantage of these play ships is that they flat pack in to a large transit van and can be easily portable, like wise for schools they can be dismantled in a few hours and stored when the school is closed or in sever weather conditions when you might wan to bring it in side to play on!!!

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